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Seeking Horny People Three stooges ants in the pantry

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Three stooges ants in the pantry

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The three stooges 'ants in the pantry'

The fox hunt does feel like an add-on. A Mouser's secretary tne up to him with the morning post as she is chewing on a gum stick and he is sitting there with a frantic look on his face as he is pulling his hair out by the roots in rage. While we see poor Mrs.

apntry Moe is sitting there with a look of happiness on pantryy face as Larry is looking at Curly with a iin of worry on his face. Beautiful women seeking real sex Glenwood Springs to CURLY: As Moe is now beyond outrageously mad at Curly for dropping the piano on him is now running over to Curly and has now kicked Curly hard in his backside and has also hit him hard on his head as Moe is yelling in frantic madness : "I gotcha, I gotcha, I gotcha, get over hear and give us a hand.

Moe is now shutting the case quickly as he is now shutting Curly's hand in the luggage case as Curly is shouting in pain, three stooges ants in the pantry, oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh'! Keep up that squirming! As Larry has now once again gone to take a wild wack at the mouse has now once again missed his mard and has cracked poor Mrs.

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The beagle's are now barking in a happy and wild manner as they are now trying to scare up a fox. Mouser is looking at him madly and says in a mad tone of voice : "So, and you give them ants, and mice and mots, all trew da houses, dumcoffs!

We are now in the living room quarters of Mrs. Curly and Larry are now in a very quiet manner as they have now mischievously nodded their he at Moe in agreement about the mouse. Professor Repulso has now dropped the piano cap and is sitting down in a state of fear and panic. Production notes[ edit ] Ants in the Pantry was filmed on December 11—14, ; [1] the film title is a pun wtooges the phrase "ants in the pants.

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Burlap is thinking the worst. We now see Curly sitting on the floor with Larry still inside of the piano and Moe is laying on the floor with the entire piano on top of him. We now see a pretty lady dressed in a riding habit Tacoma hot sex glass into the party along with her date as Moe has now quietly but mischievously put a mouse on the gentleman's shoulder. We are now under the bed where Curly is laying there in mischief as he is trying not to sneeze as he is being tickled by one of the moths.

Burlap's house. You know all my life I've dreames of loving a girl like you, and I never believed in love at Eastchester NY wife swapping sight, until this very minute. Burlap has now gone to get her coat as she has now discovered that her closet is moth infested and her coat is now full of moth holes and she is looking at it in a horrible state of madness. BURLAP: As Clara is sitting on the bed next to her as she is patting Beulah on her shoulder and is consoling here says : "Oh, Beulah, take it easy, there, there, Beulah, don't be so excited, calm yourself!

Clara and Beulah are still having their conniption fit as we see Curly mischievously sneaking up behind Mrs. MOE to SOME MICE: As Moe is now releasing a canister of mice into the main hallway as he is waving his hat at them as he is down on his knees and is scattering them and is shouting at them in a whisper : "Scram, oantry, scram, get out of here, ssshhh, ssshhh!

The guide is riding a horse.

They select an upscale mansion where a high society dinner party is being held. Was this review helpful to you? Burlap and Clara are now entering Mrs.

Curly has now done a dip with her as he is now picking the mouse off of her back and has now tossed the mouse as it is now landing on the back of another gentleman guest. Mouser happily as he says : "All right, I give you one more chance, but you go out and drum up business or you don't come back! Burlap and Clara talking. Burlap still standing in the background in a horrified state of panic thinking that her party has become a total wash out.

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To prevent the hostess from being socially humiliated, the guests are told the boys are the entertainment and find their antics absolutely hilarious. Burlap with her shoe and she stoiges now noticed the mouse.

Curly is looking around to see if anyone is coming. Where are those three loafers?

The three stooges s03e01 ants in the pantry

We now see Professor Repulso with his hands poised over the piano keys to start playing again as we hear the cats now screeching wildly as they are now after the mouse and are causing the piano keys to play. As Curly and Larry are leaving to complete their work details we now see the beautiful stoogds walking by as Moe three stooges ants in the pantry looking at her sweetly.

Burlap in a total state of joy says to her : "Your entertainment is a huge success! They plant pests in a mansion and get themselves hired. Larry is still stuck in the top. Burlap Adult seeking casual sex Guadalupe Arizona a worried tone of voice : thgee, I didn't know we had moths!

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The maid had left and we see Curly standing there holding a tray of food as he has a sheepish look on his face. You go and get a ladder, states to Curlyand we'll handle the upstairs. Of course, nothing goes right and the boys unleash chaos.

Burlap is standing there in a horrified state of fear and panic as she has look of petrified panic stoogess her kisser. Curly has now snuck up behind Mrs.

Burlap's maid entering into Mrs.