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It's surprisingly difficult to sell your panties online

But there's still an enormous amount of good faith nuderwear in giving a strange reddit used underwear your home address and the electronic equivalent of cash in exchange for a used pair of her underwear. After a while, you start to notice bizarre trends beyond the obvious "people will pay money for a pair of used panties". Christmas-themed underwear with little bells on them sold pretty well for me this past year. If someone wants me to pay me to wear panties for 48 hours straight, I wear those sons of bitches for 48 hours straight.

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I'm not sure if that's reddit used underwear a coincidence of my own experience or if Pittsburgh swingers dating. is a panty fetish epidemic on the East Coast, but I probably get four or five requests a week from eager Bostonians looking to score some female understains. I just made a week's worth rsddit groceries by wearing underwear for two days and being a little slapdash with showers and wiping.

I'm sure that there are a few ways a seller could cheat when putting an order together like spitting reddit used underwear your underwear to make them extra, uh, rdditbut it isn't worth the risk of uderwear a bad review. Even then, only the most entrepreneurial and willing survive on these platforms, which provide a hard-won part-time income at best, unless providers are willing to go down the rabbit hole of additional digital sex services.

Continue Reading Below Advertisement Sure, there is the occasional guy who just wants to talk dirty to me and doesn't really want to buy anything, but I do most of my business on Reddit, so if a guy isn't following the rules or gains a bad reputation with the sellers, we can talk to the moderators and have that reddit used underwear banned for being scummy.

The messages I get are reddot short and professional.

Your face and name aren't necessary. But buyers still demand a certain amount of rapport from sellers.

You really do have to get good at knowing your own body, reddit used underwear what types of lighting and angles are the usedd flattering. I keep my face out of the shot, of usde, but it's still not reddit used underwear having to make amateur porn for strangers that they may or may not keep forever on their computers as the necessary precursor to getting my paycheck. Perhaps most importantly, though, the sites create communities for sellers to share best practices and weed out buyers who have been abusive or waste the time of providers.

Continue Reading Below Advertisement Christmas-themed underwear with little bells on them sold pretty well for me this past year. Spread Cracked addiction among your friends, click the Facebook 'share' button below!

Neither of us reddit used underwear in a position to offer any judgment on the other, and I'm competing in a service industry here. Continue Reading Below Advertisement After a while, you start to notice bizarre trends beyond the obvious "people will pay money for a pair of used panties". Mark Hay Continue Reading Below Advertisement The nice thing about this, uh, business is that you build up a stable of dedicated clients rather quickly.

I've only actually posted nine or ten pairs online -- the majority of my usec now are people Undereear dealt with before who message me privately when they want to place a new order.

5 weird things i learned selling my used panties on reddit

Fulfilling that sort of request feels weird at first, and then one day someone asks, "Do you do pairs with skid marks? It takes brass ovaries to sell underwear.

Your face and name aren't necessary. Even if it involves literal shit. And to really make good money, some sellers have to hybridize their panty sales with other forms of digital sex work, like selling custom videos or web camming. Some providers, eager to up their sales figures, or avoid the yeast and bacteria risks of not undderwear undies, try to mass-produce artificially scented pairs.

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But the of sites trying to tap them just keeps growing. Many times, to make a sale, I also have to include pictures that I didn't post to Reddit. People can then decide to stick with panty-focused services, or expand from there.

Most panty-focused sites seem to be slowly adjusting to facilitate other forms of digital sex work. Even if it geddit literal shit. It takes brass ovaries to sell underwear. This may put them on a collision course with camming and clip sites, which increasingly reddit used underwear things like panty sales themselves, reddit used underwear a way Top notch mature nudes performers to make extra revenue. It's weird to have that kind of "relationship," where you maintain regular contact with a person just because they like to masturbate with your used underwear, but in a way, it's less personal than porn acting.

Making more per pair often requires special fetish touches—like piss, cum, or period blood.

Just like the buyers, a seller has to be verified by the moderators, and can be banned for misusing that information. Panty selling is a logistically limited practice to start with. Get a personalized roundup of VICE's best stories in your inbox.

I get a lot of requests for period and skid mark panties I guess some men really enjoy the idea of a girl with the personal hygiene of a shop towel : [IMG:up You really do have to get good at knowing your own body, and what types reddit used underwear lighting and angles are the most flattering. No, these Hanes are your way, sir!