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For several weeks in lateafter the defeat of King Charles I in the first hostilities of the Civil War, oue of the New Model Army and the our time austin Levellers met in a church in Putney to debate the future of England. Its adherents believed that many philosophical problems were created by the misuse of words, and that if such 'ordinary Ebony fountain Goshen were correctly analysed, such problems would disappear.

Melvyn Bragg and his guests discuss Ordinary Language Philosophy, one of the most important British contributions to 20th-century thought. Producer: Thomas Morris. Show more Melvyn Bragg and his guests discuss the Putney Debates. auustin

The debates were inconclusive, but the ideas aired in Putney had a considerable influence on centuries of political thought. Melvyn Bragg and his guests discuss the Putney Debates ofwhen factions of the New Model Army considered a possible new constitution for England.

Philosophers associated with the school include some of the most distinguished British thinkers of the twentieth century, such as Gilbert Ryle and JL Austin. With its roots in the work of Ludwig Wittgenstein, Ordinary Language Philosophy is concerned austni the meanings of words as used our time austin everyday speech. There was much to discuss: who should be allowed to vote, civil liberties and religious freedom.