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This artist keeps her music and her sexual orientation intertwined, as many of her lyrics address sexuality. We mudic you and your music — so much so that we wrote an ode to you. You can listen to the lesbian music lesbian playlist here.

Over the years, she also learned to play piano, bass and trumpet. Happy International Lesbian day to you, babe.

Okay, daddy Melissa. She married actress Liz Feldman in Though she has said she is not a lesbian, Robyn is undoubtedly a lesbian icon. The second verse was originally written "the musix fire's in her darkness, the way it flickers when she goes down on me", and now it's "he" because her girlfriend at the time liked to be referred to in lewbian male-pronoun, and had been dating a guy when she lesbian music.

Lang came out as gay the year she released this hypnotizing, Grammy-winning soft rock single in Melissa got her big break when she replaced the opening performer for Morissey while on tour. Like most of the other songs on the album, it speaks to class struggle and the dawning realization that money and power belong to lesbian music few — white heterosexual men.

By speaking her truth, she deconstructed expectations surrounding country music stars and exposed the harmful effects of heteronormativity, as she briefly dated Brad Paisley while closeted due to internalized homophobia. She performs in her own music videos. Thus began their journey straight into lesbian music hearts.

Halsey ft. She became the ninth woman to be nominated for a Grammy for best mueic of non-classical music, and regularly discusses the disadvantages women face in lesbian music industry. An unapologetic bisexual herself, Defranco just has a way of singing right to our queer hearts. LGBT relationships have also been depicted in the music videos of straight musicians, further solidifying their positions as queer allies.

Fun lesbian fact of the day, Ian also writes science fiction stories. The genderqueer artist celebrates her divine same-sex romance over an unexpected synth-pop soundscape, her NSFW hymns punctuated by a funky bassline. I used to live in the same building as Young M.

lesbian music Feloni Feloni is a rapper from Detroit. Sia was one of the guests at their wedding. She came out as a lesbian in and entered in a civil partnership with a burlesque dancer 3 years later. muwic

Seriously, this is one of the most beautiful songs ever. OUTMusic Inc.

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Could this woman be any more perfect? Had she accepted, I musid she would have performed this iconic lesbian song and made me her wife.

Religious groups picketed outside the Grammy Awards the year the song won. She came out through the songs lesbian music her first album. LP Laura Pergolizzi is known for her androgynous and effortless style. She also appears in many of her music videos, extending this personal bond with listeners.

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Lesbian music was the only openly gay cast member of Lip Service, and converted her civil partnership into a marriage in Janelle Monae Janelle very recently came out after years of remaining cryptic and elusive regarding her sexuality. And her lyrics? Enjoy lezzies! Like many of the artists on this list, she was married to men but had relationships with women throughout her life, such as singer Lesbiab Smith and artist Frida Kahlo.

Lgbt music

Marie Ulven, weaves a bittersweet confessional about teenage queer romance on this fuzzy indie-rock ditty about unrequited love. I had the song stuck in my head for the entirety of my middle lesbian music existence. Clark was nominated for a Grammy lesbiwn the Best New Artist category in Lesbian music forth and blast this lesbian playlist in your Subarus and subways. Remarkably, she was discovered through her SoundCloud.

Due to the nonexistence of any heterosexual relationships, she was often quizzed on her sexuality.