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Celebrities who smell bad Looking Sexual Partners

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Celebrities who smell bad

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Jordan when he was filming nearby, and one of the most important aspects she took from their interaction was that he smelled divine.

It got so bad that she forced Johnny to chug mouthwash and pop multiple pints before she would even get near him. Well, the woman has celwbrities photographed exiting public bathrooms sans shoes or socks, so really, what else did we expect? Maybe she was just trying to save face after outing her personal hygiene habits.

Here’s what 21 celebs smell like, according to people who’ve basked in their presence

wbo Not only is she the kind of woman who can turn her acting talent to anything, celebrities who smell bad she can also sing celehrities dance! However, this never actually happened — hence the word hoax — and a few people who've met Post say he smells fine. One of those was how to maintain good personal hygiene, something that has apparently been a bit of an issue in the past. I smell like a normal person," he wrote on a Facebook thread while participating in GQ's "Actually Me" video series.

You may need to record new music.

Jennifer Lawrence has been lucky enough to smell this heartthrob in recent years, and she has confirmed that he smells just like sandalwood. Celebrlties Celebrities who smell bad This English comedian has certainly made his mark across the pond, and while some would say celebities this is because of his talent, celerbities would say that this is because of his former marriage to Katy Perry.

Well, she did grow up on a Christmas tree farm. She reeks. She just wipes them off — with a T-shirt. Clearly, Zac is far too busy to spend time in the shower, but that could end up hurting him in the long run. Bradley Cooper In an effort to try and avoid the hygiene problems Women seeking hot sex Lakewood seem to plague Hollywood, Bradley Cooper apparently takes several showers a day.

Russell Brand Source: Getty Images According to Courtney Love, when Russell tried to hit on her several years back, she turned him down because of celebrities who smell bad odor. The thing about gum is, smelk it temporarily freshens up your breath, it does nothing to kill all that nasty bacteria lurking in your teeth and on your tongue. Jionni always tells me my breath smells.

Robert pattinson said he's been told that that he smells like a crayon.

Plus, when you consider her hectic schedule, it only makes sense that she's in need of some major caffeine boosts! One time, someone told me I smelt like a shrimp on a diaper. She claimed that Disick was drinking too much.

On the other hand, news surfaced that Disick kicked her out of their rented villa because of her smell. Post Ssmell Source: Getty There are at least a few thre on reddit with people speculating on what the heavily tattooed rap artist smells like. Have you seen some of the heavy costumes he has on? As you do.

These celebs apparently have the worst personal hygiene

I smell like a cabernet. How can anyone even imagine what that smells like?! His attitude towards his personal hygiene seems to have extended towards the upkeep of his living space, too.

Brad Pitt However, one particular celebrity — who also appears on this list — has denied that notion. She really does scrub her face with cat litter! In fact, she rarely smells quite so fresh because she apparently only showers every few days.

Emma stone

It appears that today, we have a case of celebrities smelling really bad while at work. Johnny Depp Nobody could deny the fact that the method actor did everything he could to get into his roles, and sometimes this was detrimental to his smell. Once someone told her she smelled like a shrimp on a diaper.

Even though these people can easily afford some soap and deodorant, they turn up to their jobs smelling worse than you would ever expect. Prince Yes, those who knew Prince have noted that they could always smell the musician before they could see him because the lavender smell was so celebritiea. However, it appears that she happens to suffer from a little odor issue.

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Couple that with his rank B. The reason? As sme,l, on the dirty and sweaty set of the film Noah, Russell avoided the showers for a more authentic look and smell — much to the disgust of everyone else he was working with! Yep, Kesha sips her own pee.

What these celebrities smell like – according to people who’ve met them

Celebritiss B Source: Getty Images Her old roommate, who apparently had an axe to grind, revealed that the rapper smelled "like fish. What's next, sharing toothbrushes? Unfortunately, it seems the actress is just as bad as the rest of Hollywood, only in a different way. Just lazy.

Although very few people get the chance to meet her in the flesh, those who do normally come in the form of celebrities. Apparently, this was something that came in handy for the father of six, given how much had had his hands full at home.

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As for deodorant? Jennifer Aniston Yes, both Jason Bateman and Alec Baldwin have noted that Jennifer has a very pungent smell on her, and that comes from the fact that she drinks coffee all day, every day.

On top of that, you may cleebrities need to make several appearances, do press rounds and even fly around the world to promote your work. She tried to defend her actions by saying Granny fucking anything she was merely joking, but not everyone was convinced. Yet, have you ever wondered what he smells like? In addition to her grosser-than-average oral hygiene, Jessica has also been pretty outspoken about her active farting habits.